Precision Heating Control: MOES Smart Electric Floor Heating Thermostat

Elevate your home comfort and efficiency with the MOES Smart Floor Heating Thermostat. Our thermostat offers precise temperature control for floor heating systems, ensuring optimal comfort in every room of your home.

Effortless Control, Enhanced Comfort

Say goodbye to fluctuating temperatures and hello to consistent warmth with the MOES Smart Floor Heating Thermostat. Compatible with water/gas boiler, water/electric floor heating systems, including radiant heating cables and mats, this thermostat allows you to set and maintain your desired temperature with ease.

Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

Navigate temperature settings effortlessly with the thermostat's intuitive touchscreen interface. With just a few taps, you can adjust temperatures, set schedules, and customize heating preferences to suit your lifestyle and comfort needs.


  • Maintain consistent warmth with precise temperature regulation.
  • Easily adjust settings with the user-friendly touchscreen.
  • Optimize energy usage and reduce heating costs.
  • Enhance home aesthetics with modern design.
  • Simple setup suitable for new construction or retrofit projects.


  • Adjust heating settings from anywhere using your smartphone.
  • Monitor floor temperature in real-time.
  • Track energy consumption related to floor heating.
  • Receive notifications for temperature fluctuations or system issues.
  • Activate holiday mode to lower heating levels while you're away.

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