Bring traditional switch control into the modern era with MOES Smart Switches, these wireless, easy-to-install and professionally designed smart switches are the perfect complement to MOES.

SMART Module

The miniature MOES DIY module combines traditional switches and smart modules to preserve your original decoration style to the greatest extent and make home smarting simpler.

Smart Curtain

Retrofit and motorize existing shades with MOES roller blinds, shade tracks, motors to control your motorized blinds and blinds, MOES protects your privacy and home security.

smart thermostat

The MOES thermostat makes your heating or air conditioner smart and controls it with the MOES APP, your voice or fully automatic to save you energy without sacrificing comfort.

smart socket

The MOES smart plug is a quick way to make your home smarter, you can turn your devices on or off and check your electricity usage with the MOES APP anywhere.

smart security

MOES security can remotely access your sensors, alarms, door locks and other devices through the MOES APP, making you feel completely at ease and safe with your MOES home.

smart control

As a must for various ZigBee smart products, MOES gateway is a bridge between smart home and smart products, so as to realize the full intelligent linkage of your house equipment in the MOES network.

smart light

Transform your everyday lighting into an extraordinary experience with MOES lamps. Light, color and dimmable features allow you to control your mood anywhere in your home.

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Create your smart life with moes

To enjoy, not only to live, is the original intention and idea for designing one smart home device.

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The Ultimate Craftsmanship & Best Experience.Shine your home with MOES STAR RING now!

A sustainable low-carbon item

Sustainability has been the motto of MOES for almost three years. By 2023, more than 100,000 users will start a smart low-carbon life with us, helping users reduce and avoid 10% of carbon dioxide emissions.