Smart Modules Driving Innovation

We consider smart modules to be more than just simple components. They serve as catalysts for innovation, given the seamless integration we have achieved between connectivity, software, and hardware.

These modules can work independently alongside traditional switches without any interference. Additionally, they can be neatly concealed within your hidden wall switch box without compromising your original decor style, transforming your devices into smart ones with effortless power on/off functionality.


  • Comes in 1/2/3/4 Gang options.
  • Can be used with various types of lights, dimmers, curtains, garages, and temperature switches.
  • Retains the intelligence of your traditional switches.
  • Helps save installation space and money.

MOES App Features

  • Custom schedule controls for on and off settings.
  • Multi-scene linkage with other smart devices.
  • Voice and wireless remote control capabilities.
  • The ability to share control with family and friends.

Smart Module Makes Your Life Easier

Upgrade your home easily and seamlessly with MOES smart modules. These modules integrate with your existing switches and outlets, turning them into intelligent switches for effortless control over lighting and appliances.

Smart modules provide you with full control and management of your home. With these innovative devices, you have the power to automate and monitor various aspects of your living space. From controlling your lights and appliances, to adjusting the temperature, to managing security systems, smart modules offer a convenient and efficient way to make your home smarter.

You can easily access and manage all these features through a user-friendly interface on your smartphone or other smart devices. Experience the future of home automation with smart modules.

With all these incredible features and more, the smart module revolutionizes household management by simplifying daily tasks and providing unparalleled convenience. Discover a new level of comfort with this advanced technology at your fingertips.

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