New works developed by the 2023 MOES team.

MOES Star Ring Series

The MOES ring switch, which has been polished for three years, brings you the most extreme craft design and experience.

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  • Fond Touch

    High-quality and environmentally-friendly PVC material, breaks away from the rigidity of traditional mechanical buttons, providing a satisfying combination of clickiness and soft touch.

  • Slim Design

    With an ultra-thin front panel thickness of 8mm and consistent height, it seamlessly aligns with smart switches when mounted on walls using 3M adhesive.

  • Freely Modular

    The 1/2/3/4-gang Ring Smart Switch can be paired with 2/3/4-gang switch panels, allowing for easy assembly according to individual needs.

Born In The Galactic Community

Powering your entire smart home system with star ring.

American switches

It combines the features of a single-pole switch and a 3-way switch, allowing for control from two locations, and can be installed in a single-pole circuit or replace traditional 3-way switches.

European switches

Multiple gang options in home wall with a satisfying soft touch.Newly designed light touch button effect with a star ring halo for a bright lighting effect.