• No Neutral

    No Capacitor & Neutral.Suitable for old houses after 1980, without capacitance noise and EMI interference.

  • Energy saving

    Remotely control schedule and timer settings to ensure devices are not left on unnecessarily and help reduce energy consumption.

  • Home security

    Integrate with home motion sensors or other security devices to deter potential intruders.

our best masterpiece

Multi-way combination and ultra-thin thickness are the best additions to your home walls.

Enpower your home

Link every switch in your home. 30% off now!

What's the moes star ring

● Single-pole & No Neutral.

● Schedule & Timer.

● Voice & APP Control.

Connect to moes app

How to add MOES Star Ring smart light switch on APP?

Install 3 way switch

Installation of Star Ring switch as a 3 way switch.