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Free Shipping Over $29.9

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60 Days Refund | 2 Years Warranty

Easy way to turn any light into a smart light. The instructions are very clear, and this just replaces your regular wall switch. Once installed it can be controlled from the switch itself, remotely by the phone app, or by voice command thru Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also set up an automated routine which will turn the lights off and on and a certain time.

These switches were really easy to install. Well for me since my dad is an electrician :) I know a little bit about changing outlets. Easy to use and set up. Like how you can control everything in the app and through your phone. So if your home you can turn on or off the light. Can even let my kids set up app and use also so when they need too can turn things on and off.

Great equipement, easy to configure, works great, had a lor of issues with other smart devices, to configire and syncronize them, but this one works flawleslly fron the start! The dimmer transions smoothly and you can configure schedules.

Needed to replace the light and exhaust switch in the bathroom. This did the trick. Was easy to install and works flawlessly. I would highly recommend.

This unit was very easy to install, it's pretty basic. We were also a to connect to the app and set everything up the way we need to.. We are able to use the app on multiple cell phones. I even set this up with my Alexa to make things easier. I connected my ceiling fan, main lights, and lamp together in one room. Planning to get another for our guest room.