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Try our new smart 3-way dimmer switch

Relace one of your two traditional 3-way dimmer switches to achieve intelligent 3-way multi-control circuit


1.1. Disconnect power by circuit breaker
1.2. Check the Line with voltage tester pen, make sure the power
is off to prevent electric shock
1.3. Follow the wiring instructions, connect the dimmer wires to
each other leads and check for short circuits
1.4. Screw the dimmer into the back box
1.5. Mounting switch cover plate
1.6. Connect circuit breaker restore power


2.1. Once connect power correctly, the Green led on the bottom
of dimmer will turn on, dimmer switch is ready to serve
2.2. Push on/off button to turn on/off the light
2.3. When the light is on, the user can touch the control panel
adjust the brightness of the light, and the status indicator on
the panel will change at the same time
2.4. When the light is off, Green power led will on


Press and hold ON/OFF button for 5second then release, Green power indicator will flflash, dimmer get into setup mode, please follow setup instruction to complete setup to start smart functions.

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