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Star Ring Series is going to Come!

Catch the new release as our STAR RING SERIES Tuya Smart Switch!

  • Appearance Design
  • ServiceLife
  • Smart Feature


We keep on our goals all the time.

  • Meet our demand on technology and security! 
  • Offer our smart home with brightness and beauty!
  • Enjoy our life by SMART HOME LIGHTING! 
  • Shine our home with STAR RING SERIES!


Newly Light Touch Button Effect with Star Ring Halo: Advanced design philosophy combines beauty and technology,designed with protruding logo and ivory,nickel black,perfectly clarifies its wonderful construction style and nice workmanship.Star ring halo on the switch features for the backlight indicator position,and when the switch is on,it just performs as the starry sky for bright lighting effect.



For example, 3 Way Circuit for Smart Lighting——Replace one of your traditional 3 Way switch only to clarify its best value as cost saving,or you can replace the traditional two for consistent decoration style to control one light by two switches from two locations.


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