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How To Install MOES Smart Switch?

moes wif switch 3 way 1 gang

Tips for Installing MOES Smart Light Switches:

If you want to start your journey into home automation, the MOES Smart Switch is a great choice. Compared with replacing a smart light bulb, the process of replacing a smart switch may not be complicated. You don't have to call an electrician to install a smart light switch, and if you follow these simple step-by-step guides, realize your DIY potential.

In the following operation guide, we will take the glass switch that needs neutral wire as an example. (Product SKU for US Standard:WRS-US1-WH-MS,EU Standard:WRS-EU1-WH-MS)

Note: If your house does not have a neutral wire, please choose to buy the smart switch without neutral.

  • Check the type of wall switch you have (need neutral? multi-gang control?)
  • Choose the smart switch you want
  • Remove old switch
  • Connect the wires and install the MOES smart switch
  • Connect them into your MOES APP
  • Test them carefully.

MOES Smart Light Switch Operation Guide

  1. Turn off the power

IMPORTANT THINGS: Safety is always your top priority when working with electrical cords. Turn off power at the fuse box to avoid the risk of electric shock or electrocution.

  1. Remove the old light switch

Unscrew the screws on the wall plate and remove the original switch panel. Disconnect each wire, taking note of which wire is which so you don't get confused in the next step.

Wire Tips:

Line (Hot/In) wires: usually black wires

Neutral wire: usually gray or white wire

Ground wire: Usually green wire (possibly striped) or plain copper wire

Load (Out) wire: It is usually a black wire, but it can also be red.

Quick tip: If you see only a bunch of wires coming from one side of the switch box (even if one wire is white), you don't have a neutral wire.

  1. Install a smart light switch

Use wire strippers to prepare the wires for the new switch, and use wire connectors to make sure there aren't any exposed or loose wires. It's easy, just connect the "line" line to the "line" line, the "load" line to the "load" line, etc.

1-4 gang switch wire

  1. Turn on the power and test the switch

At this point, you can turn power back on at the breaker box to test that your new switch is working.

  1. Set the smart switch

Connect your MOES switch in MOES APP, set voice control, scene mode, schedule, etc...


Installation Video

Take the European standard switch as an example.



1.Q:What’s the difference between this switch and the one that does not requires neutral Wire?

   A:This switch needs to be connected to the neutral line before it can be used and has a multi-control associated function than the one without a neutral line.

2.Q:What do you do with the ground wire if this unit doesn't need it?

   A:Yes doesn’t need ground wire.

3.Q:When installing a smart switch, can I pigtail off of the neutral from the existent outlet in the same box on the same circuit?

   A:When installing a smart switch, it is generally recommended to pigtail off the neutral wire that is associated with the same circuit as the switch.

4.Q:Do they make a WiFi wall switch for a "3-way" ? I have a a light currently I can turn on/off from 2 locations.

   A:New idea for 3-way circuit (2 switches control 1 light) with multi-control association of this switch to other WiFi smart switches via app.

5.Q:Where would you install a Wi-Fi light switch?

   A:To setup a routine for the front porch light and to be able to turn it on when we are not at home.


MOES Smart light switch function

  • Dual Switch Design

Double light switch design lets you to control two separate lights at the same place, saving space for you.

  • Multi-Control Association

New idea for 3-way circuit (2 switches control 1 light) with multi-control association of this switch to other WiFi smart switches via app; also can be used as single pole circuit.

  • Non-interference Control Mode

Allows the switch to be controlled via Smart Life, touch control, voice, and built-in RF433 frequency allows for another control via RF remote control switch with encoding 1527 (remote not included); each control method works independently; achieve multi-control by associating to other smart switches.

  • Remote Control

Reinsert new features into upgraded Smart Life Tuya App like ON/OFF relay status as remember last status when power off and backlight switch setting; compatible with Alexa and Google Home for hands-free voice control; can also be controlled via Smart Life/Tuya app anytime, anywhere.

  • Customize Schedule and Timer

Take full control of connected appliances with timers, schedules and countdown (1/5/30 mins, 1 hour, etc.) with the app; share control with family and friends for added convenience.



Reset/Re-pair Wi-Fi code

Press the switch button for 6 times,and hold on the 6th time,then release until you hear Di-Di-Di(3 times),and the blue indicator on the switch will flash fast after 3 seconds.Reset/re-pair is successful.


Installing a smart switch isn't too difficult, and as long as you get the wiring right, you're pretty much done. "Line" wire to "L" port, light "Load" wire to "L1" port, "Neutral" wire to "N" port. It's pretty simple.







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