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What is a 3-Way?

3-Way switch means you can double control one light with two switches in from two different locations at the same time.Easily get a much more intelligent control to your house devices.MOES 3 way US light switch / EUR light switch help you achieve dual control.

How to connect?

Do not treat the 3-Way item as a complex one.Simply wire it in an extremely easier way.

Firstly,connect one of the two 3-Way switches as a normal switch to L1,L2 and L3.

Seconly,connect another 3-Way switch to L and N.

In this way,the wiring is completed successfully.

How do the two switches work?

The two switches are connected through RF frequency for normal control after successfully paired.

How to set multi-control?

(1)Learn code:Long press any button for about 3 seconds until the blue indicator on the upper left lights up,you can come to the learning state (wait for learning about 10 seconds).In this case you can touch any button you want to pair,then learning successful.One loop can pair with 10 target points at most.

(2)Delete code:Long press the button you want to delete for about 5 seconds until the red indicator on the upper left lights up and rapidly blink three times,then deleting code is successfully finished.

If you have any other questions,please feel free to contact us.

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How do you reset it? Cant pair it with my app

Carlos Correa R

What further information? I verified the wiring by charging out the switch

Alicia Viskoe

I finally installed the last of 4 three way switches yesterday. I can turn the light on/off through the app just fine but I never get an indication that the light is on in the app. I tried swapping the switch with a known good one. The good one worked properly and the bad one had the same problem connected to another light circuit. I purchased these switches back in February. Is there a warranty on these switches and how do I get a replacement?

Alicia Viskoe

Recently I bought a Crystal 3 way Switch and it started turning on a light, when it happens the device shows 2 leds on, one of them is amber and the other blue and I cannot turning off the light from the Smart Life app, I have to press the button from the device in order to turn off the bulb. It happened twice and I don’t know what the led combination (amber-blue) means, there are no information from internet to help me. Please let me know how can I fix that.

Ramses Rosas

Please send further information about 3 way connection

Jorge Lazarini

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