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Automatic ATS Dual Power Transfer Switch Solar Charge Controller for Solar wind System 50A DC 12/24/48V, AC 110V 220V on/off grid

Automatic ATS Dual Power Transfer Switch Solar Charge Controller for Solar wind System 50A DC 12/24/48V, AC 110V 220V on/off grid


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Regular price $154.99
Sale price $154.99 Regular price $179.99
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The dual power automatic transfer switch will automatically switch to grid power to take over your battery when your battery power is low. It's perfect for RVs and yachts, and can also be used on industrial equipment. When the battery voltage falls below the voltage transfer set point, the ATS controller switches to grid power; when the battery voltage rises above the recovery set point, the ATS controller switches back to the battery itself. User-definable battery low voltage transmission and recovery set points. The recovery voltage must be above the voltage transfer set point. Battery type: suitable for sealed batteries, gel batteries, lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, etc.


  • Beneficial to Solar or Wind System: Comes with a new backup battery, plus many more powerful features for a dual solar-wind system.
  • Works Like an Opposite Direction UPS: the ATS controller can switch freely between grid power and the battery itself.
  • Automatic Selection: Automatically select between DC 12/24/48V, AC 100-120V 60HZ / 220-240V 50HZ.
  • Max. Power: 5.5kw(110V) or AC 11KW(220v)
  • Fast Transfer Time: Inverter transfers to utility power ≤10ms, utility power transfers to inverter ≤16ms.
  • LCD Display: Battery real-time voltage; working status of utility power, inverter and battery.


  • Rated Power:
    5.5kw(Utility Power 100-120V)
    11kw(Utility Power 220-240V)
  • Maximum Current: 50A
  • Auto Selection:
    Input Voltage: AC 100-120V or AC 220-240V
    Output Voltage: AC 100-120V or AC 220-240V
  • Up to 11KW when switching AC power
  • Transfer time:
    Inverter transfer time to utility power =10ms
    Utility power transfer time to inverter =16ms
  • System Voltage: Auto Select: 12V or 24V or 48V
  • Battery low voltage transfer setpoints: Default: 11v/22v/44v, adjustable
  • Battery recovery Setpoints: Default: 13.5v/27v/54v, adjustable
  • Product Size: 19*17*7.25cm(7.4"*6.7°*2.8in)
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1. The design of your off-grid system and installation of this transfer switch should only be performed by qualified end-users, electricians or technicians authorized and licensed where required by local codes.

2. Before installation of this device, please review this manual in its entirety before beginning work.

3. Install/mount the ATS controller to a clean, and dry surface, and in a suitable location that will allow free air circulation around the ATS at all times. Ensure all cables are of adequate length to allow for proper strain relief at the ATS connection block.

4. Ensure all safety protocols are followed. Check all AC power supplies are off and secured with a safety lock-out tag system to prevent inadvertent power actuation.

5. All power connection cables must meet minimum wire gauge recommendations set by standard electrical requirements and your local codes.

6. Verify all connections are connected and tightened properly! Loose electrical connections will overheat and can damage the ATS and can cause fires.

7. Do not connect the neutral connector on the user side to the ground connection or to a protective ground connector, as the user outlets have no protective multiple grounding.

Note! Do not connect the“pe”grounding wire (protective earth) to the neutral connector.

8. After ensuring the above steps are complied with and you have verified all the connections are properly terminated, proceed with the final connections to the utility power, inverter, battery, and load(s)

9. Turn on the master switch located at the top of the ATS.

10. Perform voltage & ammeter checks on your newly installed system to verify your ATS is operating within the specified operating parameters.

More features with MOES ATS.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great product

We are now using this in our server's solar power system (See, and it works very well. So well, in fact, that we purchased a second (although this was largely as a backup option, just in case there was some failure and we needed a ready replacement to-hand). Moes delivery system was efficient - it arrived within a couple of weeks to New Zealand, but their communication around the delivery has some room for improvement - the link to the shipping company for delivery progress didn't work, and a message to Moes to check why, didn't get a response.

The best ATS price quality.

The best ATS price vs quality.
Simple to set up. Versatile.
Requires external device type relay or step down or step up to inform the ATS that the inverter or the network has failed. Although the bank has charge.
It works super well depending on the voltage of the battery bank.
2700w solar + 4x12v200ah =48v + 60 A mppt controler for ATS
Public grid as UPS.
under constrution...

MOES ATS - Works Bellissimo

Product works great as it should. Automatically switches to grid power when solar or batteries are depleted and back to solar/batteries. Unit is rated 5500w (110V x 50A) or 11000w (220v x 50A) when wired up to your electrical panel.
Productto ha un limite de 5500w a 110v o 11000w a 220V quando collegato al quadro elettrico. L'unità funziona meravigliosamente.


Prodotto buono e scatta velocemente.
L'unico problema è la limitazione a 2400W di carico, con pacco batterie a 48V (48V*50A)