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Smart Switch

Upgrade your traditional switch control

Upgrade your traditional switch control with MOES Smart Switches, the wireless and easy-to-install solution. Our SMART switches are designed for effortless installation, making it accessible for anyone to set up. With our products, you can effortlessly elevate the ambiance of your home without the expensive need for professional assistance.

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Smart Module

The smart module offered by MOES is an innovative and efficient solution that seamlessly combines traditional switches with intelligent modules. This space-saving device is at the forefront of technology.

Smart Curtain

Enhance your window treatments with the advanced Smart Curtain system. Incorporating MOES roller blinds, shade tracks, and motorized control, effortlessly modernize and automate your current window coverings.

Smart Thermostat

Provide a smart and efficient way for u

MOES thermostat provides a smart and efficient way to regulate your heating or air conditioning system. By utilizing the user-friendly MOES APP, you can effortlessly control and monitor your thermostat settings.

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Smart Light

Enhance your ordinary lighting into an exceptional encounter with MOES lamps. Discover the world of smart lighting and bring innovation to your space with our collection of smart light products.

Smart Socket

MOES smart plug is a convenient device that allows you to upgrade your home with smart capabilities. With its user-friendly design and easy setup process, this smart socket is the perfect solution for transforming your regular household appliances into smart devices.

Smart Security

MOES security offers intelligent security solutions that enable you to remotely monitor and control various devices, such as sensors, alarms, and door locks. Our MOES APP provides peace of mind by ensuring your property is protected and easily accessible from any location.

Smart Control

A crucial link between smart home systems and a wide range of ZigBee smart products. With MOES gateway, users can experience the convenience and efficiency of managing their smart devices from a single centralized platform.

  • Creating a Smart Home with Ease

    Say goodbye to complicated setups with multiple hubs and accessories. MOES offers a straightforward solution. All you need is a WiFi connection, and MOES will guide you effortlessly through the setup process.

  • Effortlessly Control and Manage Anywhere

    Experience the convenience of managing your smart home with the easy-to-use MOES app. With just a few taps, you can effortlessly take control of all your connected devices, no matter where you are. Stay in command and enjoy the seamless management of your smart home.

  • Customize Your Smart Home Experience

    With MOES, personalizing your smart home has never been easier. Dim the lights, adjust the thermostat, and even play your favorite playlist with a single command. MOES provides endless possibilities for tailoring your home automation to fit your lifestyle.

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60 Days Refund | 2 Years Warranty


The Ultimate Craftsmanship & Best Experience.Shine your home with MOES STAR RING now!

Easy way to turn any light into a smart light. The instructions are very clear, and this just replaces your regular wall switch. Once installed it can be controlled from the switch itself, remotely by the phone app, or by voice command thru Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also set up an automated routine which will turn the lights off and on and a certain time.

These switches were really easy to install. Well for me since my dad is an electrician :) I know a little bit about changing outlets. Easy to use and set up. Like how you can control everything in the app and through your phone. So if your home you can turn on or off the light. Can even let my kids set up app and use also so when they need too can turn things on and off.

Great equipement, easy to configure, works great, had a lor of issues with other smart devices, to configire and syncronize them, but this one works flawleslly fron the start! The dimmer transions smoothly and you can configure schedules.

Needed to replace the light and exhaust switch in the bathroom. This did the trick. Was easy to install and works flawlessly. I would highly recommend.

This unit was very easy to install, it's pretty basic. We were also a to connect to the app and set everything up the way we need to.. We are able to use the app on multiple cell phones. I even set this up with my Alexa to make things easier. I connected my ceiling fan, main lights, and lamp together in one room. Planning to get another for our guest room.